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To all Soccer First league coaches/participants,

Due to recent events during matches played at Soccer First, we are instituting a Zero Tolerance Policy on Referee Abuse.  From this point on, any player or coach who verbally abuses a referee for any reason before, during or after a match is subject to a suspension of one or more games, depending on the severity of the infraction.  This would include dissent which is defined as behavior that challenges the authority of the referee.  We cannot continue to allow participants to mistreat our referees for any reason.  This policy is not intended to imply that referees are always right and that coaches and/or players are always wrong, but rather is intended to provide a safe, fair and fun environment for everyone participating at Soccer First.

There are appropriate avenues for coaches or spectators to share concerns about the quality of officiating.  Any time you have a concern about a referee, please come to the front desk and fill out a customer comment form.  We always welcome constructive comments regarding our officials.

Again, I would like to reiterate that the purpose of this policy is to make clear that verbal abuse of referees is unacceptable and to adopt a policy for dealing with these situations.  Please make sure that each and every player on your team is aware of this new policy as it is effective immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Soccer First

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