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Soccer First Soccer Academy

The Soccer First Soccer Academy program for ages 6-14 is offered for four sessions during the year: outdoors during the Spring and Fall, as well as indoors for Fall/Winter. The philosophy of the Academy is to provide an opportunity for participants to play soccer and receive coaching through practices and games. Soccer First will take individual registrations, create the teams, and provide the instruction at our facility.

  • We will take individual registrations and create Soccer Academy teams. Academy teams will play in Soccer First indoor league games. They will play 9 games and will practice 5 times during the indoor soccer session. These teams play in competitive leagues but the philosophy is for participants to learn through playing and to have fun. 
  • The 3 v. 3 program is set up similar to a class format. The group will meet once a week for 9 weeks. We will typically spend 30 minutes practicing/training and 30 minutes playing in a 3 v. 3 format or small sided games (3 v. 3, 4 v. 4, 5 v. 5). Players will train individually or in small groups. Teams will be created each week or in each class to create fair competition and enhance learning. The
  • All training and games will be held at Soccer First. 
  • We will offer a 3 vs. 3 format that focuses on training and small sided games for learning.
          This format is good for training. In the 3 vs. 3 format, players will have more time on the ball, with less players on the field, and the focus will be on training and learning rather than competition. Scores and standings will not be recorded.

  • The 3 vs. 3 training will primarily meet on the weekends. We will designate days and times and you can sign up for those. 


  •      Licensed coaches/professional training

  •      Opportunities for development    

  •      Fun atmosphere

The next session will begin in November.
Classes will be offered Saturday at 11am and 2pm, Sunday at 3pm and 4pm, as well as other options.
You can choose from class times in the drop down menu when signing up online. 

The 3 v 3 league fee of $175 per player includes administration by Soccer First, practice rentals and coaching fees.

To sign up for the 3 v. 3 Program:

For more information contact Chris Crosby @ 614-793-0101.

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