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     For years Soccer First has helped young players develop their skills through our youth instructional programs.  Our instructional programs are a good starting point for players that are new to the game to learn the skills needed to play the wonderful game of soccer. 
     We offer classes for kids ages 2-6 and the Soccer Academy and 3 v. 3 training program for ages 5-16. The programs will include games and activities that allow kids to learn at their own pace while having fun and improving their motor skills (running, kicking, jumping, starting and stopping) and soccer skills, as well as their understanding of soccer.
     Kids will be able to progress through the program up to the Soccer Academy, where they can play soccer games and learn skills through experience. Most of our players have continued on to play soccer whether it is at the recreational level or the more competitive level of club soccer.
  • Sessions will be offered all year long.
  • Sessions are usually 9 weeks long and consist of 9 classes.
  • Classes are offered once a week on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays.
  • You can pick the day and time when you sign up.
  • Classes will meet once a week for 45 minutes or 1 hour depending on the class.
  • Next session start date is January 9.
Registration is ongoing and you can call to sign up for the current session or to get more information. To sign up for the next session you can click the red button below. More information is provided below and will be updated each session.


KinderTots 1 or 2: Ages 2-3

KinderTots is a soccer program designed to help introduce pre-school aged children to the fun of soccer. This program will focus on soccer-oriented games and skills, as well as social and motor skills. KinderTots 2 is similar to the KinderTots 1 class except that children attempt to participate without parent assistance (some parent involvement is encouraged as necessary).

Cost is $170

per session.  Each session consists of 9 classes.  

Classes are 45 minutes in length.

KinderTots 1 (with parent)

Program NumberStart DatesDays OfferedTimes
TS16011/9Saturday9am or 12pm
TW16011/13Wednesday9am or 5pm

KinderTots 2 (without parent)

Program NumberStart DatesDays OfferedTimes
2TS16011/9Saturday9am or 12pm
2TW16011/13Wednesday10am or 5pm

KinderKickers 1 or 2: Ages 3-4

KinderKickers is a beginners program designed to bring out the enjoyment of the game while introducing and developing the basic skills, kicking, dribbling, running, jumping, of soccer. These classes focus on soccer skills included in fun activities like Red Light Green Light, Alley Cats and Bulldogs, and Cone Explosion. KinderKickers 2, for participants who have completed the KinderKickers 1 class, will include a greater focus on 3 vs. 3 scrimmaging and will also include fun activities that emphasize soccer skill development.

Cost is $170 per session.  Each session consists of 9 classes.
Classes are 1 hour in length. 

KinderKickers 1

Program NumberStart DatesDays OfferedTimes
KS16011/9Saturday10am or 11am
KSD16011/10Sunday11am or 1pm
KM16011/11Monday11am or 5:30pm
KT16011/12Tuesday10:30am or 5:30pm
KW16011/13Wednesday11am or 6pm

KinderKickers 2

Program NumberStart DatesDays OfferedTimes
2KSD16011/10Sunday11am or 1pm
2KM16011/11Monday12pm or 5:30pm
2KW16011/13Wednesday11am or 6pm

Kickers: Ages 5-6
Kickers is a program designed to teach individual soccer skills and allow participants to play in 3 vs. 3 game situations. Along with the emphasis on individual technique, the program offers fun, excitement, and is geared toward building the player's relationship with the ball and starting to understand team play. This program will focus on alternate types of dribbling, passing and moving, different types of trapping, shooting, and positions.
Cost is $170 per session.  Each session consists of 9 classes.
Classes are 1 hour in length.

Program NumberStart DatesDays OfferedTimes
S16011/9Saturday11am, 1pm, or 2pm
M16011/11Monday1pm or 6:30pm
W16011/13Wednesday1pm or 7pm

Soccer Academy Ages 5-16
Click on the Soccer Academy box at the top of this page for more information.

If you have any questions or would like to register for a class, please feel free to call us @ Soccer First - 614-793-0101 or